Choosing A Contractor

Choosing a remodeling contractor or construction company is the single most important step in beginning your home remodeling project. If you choose wisely the outcome will be well worth the effort. Choose poorly and you could be in for some very trying times. At Gerry Dunleavy Construction we want your decision to be an informed one. So we have pulled together a list of some of the more important questions to ask, along with our answers to each of them.

1. Are you licensed and Insured?
Gerry Dunleavy Construction is fully insured and is licensed in the state of Massachusetts HIC License #108859.

2. How long have you been in the home remodeling business?
Gerry Dunleavy Construction is celebrating its third decade in business in the Greater Boston and Winchester area.

3. What are some of the other projects you have done that are similar to mine?
Gerry Dunleavy Construction has completed hundreds of projects in the local area and maintains a large portfolio. We display many of our projects on our website to showcase our work and to help give visitors design and project ideas. Please visit our project showcase.

4. Do you have references I may contact?
Gerry Dunleavy Construction has an extensive file of references and will supply you with as many as you require. We also maintain a sampling of what our customers say about us here on our website. For obvious reasons we do not publish our clients addresses on the Internet.

5. Who are your suppliers and subcontractors?
Gerry Dunleavy Construction has an extensive list of suppliers and subcontractors. We deal only with local and national suppliers of high quality products. Our subcontractors are all seasoned construction professionals who must meet Dunleavy's high standards for "superior performance."

6. How will you minimize the impact of this project on my family and my home?
Because Gerry Dunleavy Construction specializes in the home remodeling business we have years of experience working in occupied homes. We know how disruptive a remodeling project can be and take steps to make it as comfortable and safe as possible for your family. We are constantly on the lookout for new products or methods that keep the home environment and job site cleaner and safer. We also promote a high degree of professionalism and courtesy from our employees and subcontractors so you won't feel uncomfortable having them around.