Gerry & Company,

It is refreshing to work with a contractor that means what he says and does what he says...

Just a quick note to let you know how pleased we are with your work, level of professionalism, and most importantly the end result.

I must admit we were a bit concerned at first since you were one of the higher priced estimates that we received. However, I am happy to say that the old adage "you get what you pay for," still holds true.

As a matter of fact, we honestly believe we got more than we paid for!!

- Jim & Debbie

Dear Gerry,

After almost fourteen months in our new house, I can tell you that Audrey and I continue to be delighted with it in every way. Once the original plans were drawn, most of the credit for how the house turned out goes to you, your great crew, and the very professional sub-contractors that you use on your projects.

Audrey was pleased during the course of the project because everything was done so well (and she loved all your guys). I was pleased because, in addition to insuring that the work was completed, you acted like an experienced businessman. You returned calls immediately; you answered our questions thoroughly; you sent out bills and changed orders regularly so there were no last minute surprises; and you dealt with the day-to-day problems promptly and efficiently.

Equally important, however, was your attitude. I was always impressed because you were involved in the project i.e. if a problem arose, you were there to discuss it with the crew and to fully participate in arriving at a solution. That kind of attitude is rare nowadays and it's enormously helpful to the homeowners, especially those involved with a project as extensive as ours.

Please feel free to share our feelings with prospective clients. And you are welcome to give them our names, particularly if they live or are building in Winchester.

- Bill & Audrey


We're loving the new addition, which now has some lovely built-ins for the home office area! Your guys were terrific and the whole thing was on time. Wonderful experience! I enjoyed working on this project with you.

- Morgan

Dear Gerry,

We want to thank you and your superb crew for the renovations work you did on our home. Starting with a dark crowded kitchen you were able to transform the space into a well-lit, beautiful spacious dining and living area.

Never a day went by throughout the project that you or one of your men (and/or women) did not come by to work and/or check on the renovation progress. The quality of work and craftsmanship of your employees were far above our expectations, and it was a pleasure dealing with everyone. Your entire crew was personable, quick to respond and aimed to please. With small children running about we also appreciated the daily clean-up and safety precautions taken. Your reliability and professionalism are outstanding, and we are grateful for your assistance in converting our kitchen into such a desirable and pleasant room. Long after you left the kids looked for your trucks to arrive each morning and missed the friendly teasing by your guys.

Many thanks again, and please do not hesitate to give our name to any potential customers. We wish you continued success in your company, and give everyone our best.

- George, Ruth Ann, Emily & Tim

Dear Gerry,

Thank you for the fine workmanship which you and your subcontractors brought to this kitchen renovation. Your care, attention, and respect for the owner's budget made a big difference in a complex project.

Your subcontractors did an excellent job. Cabinetry and counters were installed flawlessly...hardwood floors, wood trim and stain colors and finishes matched the materials in adjacent rooms.

We are pleased to recommend your work to our clients and would be happy to talk with any of your prospective clients as well. Thank you for a job well done.

- Deborah Pierce, AIA
   Pierce Lamb Architects

Dear Gerry,

Now that the floors are done, the paint is on the walls, the bookends are on the shelves, and the furniture is in place, I wanted to let you know how much Susan and I appreciate the quality and detail in the work that Dunleavy Construction completed for us this spring.

We continue to provide Dunleavy Construction with enthusiastic references amongst our friends and neighbors, and you can be sure we will be calling you to discuss a couple of additional projects we have in mind. Needless to say, you can certainly feel free to use our names as references for your work at any time.

Gerry, your advice and your work over the last three years has given us a home that we consider not just a beautiful place but also one which we are confident is safer and more secure.

- Tony & Susan